Hot/Cold Beverage

Mineral Water

Soft Drinks (Cola/lemon/Orange/Sprit/Mango)

Diet Coke

Juices of Choice (Pineapple, Mango, Orange, Mix)

Lassi (Sweet / Salted) – Chilled homemade fresh yoghurt drink.

Flavoured Lassi (Banana / Mango / Pineapple)

Milk Shake with Ice Cream (Vanilla / Strawberry / Mango / Chocolate)

Sparkling Water (Soda)

Fresh Lime Soda (Sweet / Salted)

Cold Coffee

Tonic Water


Cup of Tea

Lemon Tea (Hot / Cold)

Spl. Tea(Darjeeling / Assam / Nilgiri / Mint)

Indian Spice (Masala Tea) – Tea boiled in a blend of cardamom, cinnamon

Indian B/F(Puri Bhaji, Tea or Coffee / Stuffed Paratha, Curd, pickle)

Continental B/F(Toast, Butter, Jam, Juice, Tea or Coffee)

American B/F(Toast, Butter, Egg, (Fried Omelet / Poached) Jam, Tea or Coffee, Juice)

Toast (4 pcs. with Butter+Jam)

Cheese Chilly Toast

Omelet (Masala / Plain / Onion)

French Toast (Sweet or Salt)

Spinach Omelet

Porridge or Cornflakes (with Hot / Cold Milk)




Veg. Cutlet (2 pcs.)

Mutton Cutlet (2 pcs.)

Chicken Cutlet (2 pcs.)



Veg. Sandwich

Chicken Sandwich

Cheese Sandwich

Chef Club Sandwich


Veg. Burger

Mutton Burger

Chicken Burger


Veg. Pakoda (10 pcs.)
(Butter fined onions potatoes, cauliflower and deep tried with chutney.)

Cheese Pakoda (8 pcs.)

Finger Chips / French Fries

Papad Roasted

Papad Fry (2 pcs.)
(Crisp lentil wafers lightly spice served with chutney.)

Masala Papad

Egg Pakoda (8 pcs.)

Chicken Pakoda (10 pcs.)
(Boneless chicken pieces marinated with Indian spices and butter fried.)


Main Course

Shahi Paneer
(Homemade cheese in a butter tomato cream sauce with fine seasoning)

Paneer Makhani
(Homemade pieces of cheese cooked with crused tomatoes and onions served in butter and cream sauce)

Kadahi Paneer
(Homemade pieces of cheese and fresh green papers sauted in a pan with onion, tomatoes, ginger and mild Indian spices)

Matar Paneer
(Fries Indian cottage cheese with peas and curried in our blend of spices & herbs)

Saag Paneer
(Fried Indian cottage cheese cooked with creamed spinach and fresh aromatic spices)

Vegetarian Special
(Mixed vegetable of the day)

Aloo Gobhi Masala
(Cauliflower and potatoes cooked in spices with fresh tomatoes, garlic and ginger)

Dum Aloo Kashmiri
(Potatoes cook with herbs, spices, onion tomatoes and ginger cream sauce cashew paste)

Stuffed Tomato
(Potatoes simmered In herb flavoured cream spinach)

Channa Masala
(Chickpeas flavoured)

Malai Kofta
(Vegetables and cottage cheese balls served In a cream sauce)

Navaratan Korma
(Selected vegetable cooked in milk gravy with dices of dry fruits)

Paneer Pasanda
(Cheese vegetable cooked in milky gravy with sauce of dry fruits)

Egg Plant (Bharta)
(Mashed eggplant seasoned with herbs and sauteed with onions, tomatoes and green papers)

Bhindi Masala
(Fresh ladyfingers cooked with tomatoes, onions and spices)

Paneer Tikka Masala

Matar Mushroom
Mushroom prepare with green peas in traditional Indian style herbs, tomatoes, butter and cream)

DaaI Makhni
(Creamed lentils cooked with herbs and tomatoes)

Daal Tadka
(Yellow lentils cooked with spices, flavoured with herbs and tomatoes)

Veg. Mumtaj Thali
(3 different veg., Oat, Ralta, Salad, Papad, Rice, Naan & sweet)


Curd (Plain yogurt)

Vegetable Raita

Onion Raita
(Cooked Homemade yoghurt with cucumber and spices (mild)

Cucumber Raita

Boondi Raita

Pineapple Raita


Green Salad (mix)

Cucumber Salad

Lemon Onion Salad
(Sliced fresh onions and lemon wedges)


Main Course


Chicken Shahi Korma
(Boneless chicken cooked in herbs and creamy cashewnut gravy with mild spices)

Chicken Tikka Masala
(Marinated and roasted in tandoor than
sauteed in spices, simmered in chilly spicy gravy)

Chicken Do Piyaza
(Chicken simmered in different spices and sauteed and topped sharp, onions, green peppers and tomatoes)

Kadhai Chicken
(Chicken cooked in a traditional woke with whole spices in a thick gravy)

Butter Chicken
(Roasted tandoor chicken with bone, or boneless cooked in Indian spices with tomatoes, butter and cream sauce)

Chicken Sultana
Chicken Curry
(Chicken cooked in fresh curry sauce made of onions and tomatoes)

Chicken Handiwala

Chicken Capsicum

Chicken Khazana

Chicken Mughlai

Chicken Saag
(Boneless chicken prepared with spinach and cooked in a aromatic sauce)

Egg Curry
(Piece of boiled egg cooked in fresh curry sauce made an onions and tomatoes)

Murg Kali Mirch

Mutton Shahi Korma
(Juicy tenderloins of mutton cooked ir a creamy cachewnut-gravy with mild spices)

Masala Gosht
(A typical Indian curry with exotic spices)

Mutton Bhuna
(Mutton cooked with fresh tomatoes, green peppers and reduced over slow fire, flavoured with masala)

Mutton Rogan Josh
(Mutton pieces cooked and sauce made from tomatoes, ginger, garlic and spices)

Shahi Mutton Do Pyaza (Stew)
(Mutton simmered in different-spices and sauteed with onions, green peppers and tomatoes)

Mutton Saag Wala
(Tenderloin of mutton simmered In herb floured chopped spinach)

Keema Matar
(Ground Mutton cooked with spring peas, onions and spices)

Mutton Kadahi
(Fried lamb In curry sauce serned in a ran)

Mutton Mughlai
(Tender iamb in a almond saffron – cream sauce)

Nargisi Kofta
(Minced mutton balls stuffed with egg cooked in creamy cashewnut gravy with mild spices)

Mutton Badami (Badam Pasanda) (boneless)

Chef Spl. Thali
(Chicken & mutton vegetable, raita, salad pappad, basmati, rice and naan, Sweet) 

Gost Handiwala (serve 2)



Seekh Kabab
Fresh minced lamb, seasoned with onions, herb & exotic spices and tandoor roasted with salad.

Tangri Kabab (2 Pcs.)
Chicken Seekh Kabab

Tandoori Chicken
Chicken marinated in traditional yogurt and spices, roasted in the tandoor and served on a platter with pieces of onions.

Chicken Tikka (8 pcs.)
(Boneless Chicken marinated in curd arid Spices
and roasted to a perfect run in tandoor.

Hariyali Malai Tikka (8 pcs.)
Tender chicken marinated in yogurt with spinach mint
and coriander roasted in the tandoor

Lahsooni Chicken Tikka (8 pcs.)
Boneless chicken marinated with cashewnut yoghurt and flaored with garlic and green canrd onion roasted Tandoor

Fish Tikka (Winter Season) (10 pcs.)

Chicken Afghani

Paneer Tikka


Enjoy with Biryani, Rice, Pulao

 Hyderabadi Biryani with Raita

Murg Biryani Shahjahani

Vegetable Biryani
(Subty spices basmati rice cooked, with vegetables, saffron and garnished with dry fruits and nuts)

Steam Rice

Saffron Rice
(Cooked wath butter & cream)

Jeera Rice

Mattar Pulao (Peas Pilaf)
(Saffron flavored spice basmati rice fried with sweet peas)

Veg. Pulao

Navratan Pulao



Roti / Naan

Kamanchi Roti

(Whole wheat bread baked in Tandoor)

Missi Roti
Butter Roti
(Whole wheat bread with butter)

(Unleavened Tandoori baked bread)

Butter Naan
(Unleavened Tandoori baked with butter)

Garlic Naan
(All purpose flour bread stuffed with garlic butter and tandoori baked)

Cheese Naan
(Stuffed with homemade cheese)

Aloo Paratha
(Whole wheat bread cooked with spices potatoes baked in tandoor)

Mint Paratha
(Whole wheat bread cooked with mint)

Lachchha Paratha

Kabuli Naan

Chef Spl. Naan
(Cheese, onion, Garlic, Mint, Spinach)

Bread Basket

Non Veg Naan

Lazeez Qeema Naan
(Naan bread stuffed with mind mutton meal and spices baked in clay oven)

River and Sea
Raseeli Machli
(North Indian Fish Curry)

Dum Machli
(Pungent Spicy Fish Curry)

Kolahpuri Machli



Soup & Appetizers

Cream of Tomato Soup

Cream of Chicken Soup

Cream of Mutton Soup

French Onion Soup

Spinach Soup

Almond Soup

Cream of Veg Soup

Veg. Sweet Corn Soup

Veg. Hot & Sour Soup

Chicken Hot & Sour Soup

Mushroom Soup

Mushroom Noodle Soup

Tomato Egg Drop Soup

Chicken Sweet Corn Soup

Chicken Noodle Soup

Talumien Chicken Soup

Wanton Dragon Soup (2 pcs.)

Manchow Soup

Manchow Chicken Soup


Chinese Food

Veg Chowmein

Veg. Hakka Noodle

Veg Fried Rice

Veg Steamed Rice

Egg Fried Rice

Chicken Fried Rice

Mix Fried Rice

Chicken Chowmein

Vegetable Chopsuey

Chicken Chopsuey

American Chopsuey

Steam Noodles Cheese & Butter

Chilli Paneer

Chilli Chicken

Saute Chicken

Lemon Chicken

Chicken Sweet & Sour

Chicken Manchurian

Sliced Lamb with Mushroom Garlic Sauce

Lamb Sweet & Sour

Egg plant garlic sauce

Sweet & Sour Vegetable on Crispy Noodles

Vegetable Manchurian








Spring Roll Veg.






Continental Salad

Macaroni Salad

Russian Salad

Potato Green Pea Salad

Mutton Salad

Cold Chicken Salad

Mushroom Spinach Sauce Salad


Vegetable Butter Saute

Vegetable Stew In white Sauce


Vegetable (Platter)

Mutton (Platter)

Chicken (Platter)


Roasted Chicken with Chips

Chicken A – La – Kiev

Chicken Maryland

Baked Chicken

Chicken Strognoff

Grilled Chicken





Lamb Saslick

Roast Lamb with vegetables

Mutton Conti Stew

Italian Food
Penne Pasta White Sauce

Penne Pasta Red Sauce

Pasta Au-Gratin 

Pasta Chicken Au-Gratin

Milky Macroni with Cheese

Spaghetti Bolonignese

Spaghetti Milanese

Spaghetti Napolitine

Spaghetti Au-Gratin

Spaghetti Meat Balls


Fish & Chips

Tomato Fish

Fried Fish

Grilled Fish

Sole Meniure (Lemon Butter)



Chef Sweet Special


Kheer Benazeer
(Indian style pudding, cooked in milk with almonds
raisins, and cardamon pods and garnished with rose wale)

Gajar Ka Halwa
(Grated carrots simmered in milk & nuts) only winter

Indian Sweet

Gulab Jamun (2 pcs.)

Popular India dessert
(Made with milk soaked in honey syrup and sprinkled with rose water)

Fruit Salad with Ice Cream

Ras Malai (2 Pcs.)

Ice Cream

Vanilla / Strawberry / Mango / Chocolate

“Chef” Spl. Sundae’s

Shahi Tukra